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Centrica Killigholme Power Station-Generator Transformer site refurbishment and painting works

Following the completion of other transformer refurbishment works at Killingholme Power Station by TP Power Services, we  were successful with the tender for further refurbishment works and were contracted by Centrica to continue with the maintenance and refurbishment of the generator, station and auxiliary transformers. With the overhaul of the first unit and majority of immediate remedial works on all the units completed last year, the outage completed the overhaul of the 3 remaining GT compounds and works that could not be completed during the previous outage period.


With each of the transformer compounds being released at different stages throughout the 10 week outage, the planning and delivery of resources was split into two distinct sections of work, the first being the painting of the transformers and deluge systems in the remaining compounds, and secondly the modification, overhaul and refurbishment of the plant, allowing key control points and deadlines to be achieved throughout the works.



 Steam cleaning, repainting and external conditioning of generator, station and auxiliary transformers - 6 units
 Steam cleaning and repainting Isolated Phase Bus Duct on 3 off GT compounds
 Abrasive cleaning and repainting of the deluge system on 9 off transformers
 Dismantle of OLTC motor drive mechanisms, replacement of kiosk housing, re-installation and testing on 3 off GT's
 Isolation and dismantle of cooling pipework for the replacement of expansion joint couplings
 Dismantle and replacement of supporting framework and cable tray on station transformer enclosures
 Over-plating and welding works on the main tank lid and turrets on 1 off GT
 Inspection and testing of radiator cooling fans on 2 off GT's
 Replacement, testing and calibration of WTI's and OTI's on 3 off units
 Re-sealing of Isolated Phase Bus Duct inspection covers and access panels
 Isolation and dismantle of cooling pipework for the installation of replacement Hydran unit on 4 off GT's
 Control and protection testing on all transformers to the station's control room
 Replacement of trafolyte identification labels on all remaining units
 Oil sample and Dissolved Gas Analysis on all transformers



Posted by B.A on 31 May 2011


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