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Powertek, Malaysia - Generator Transformer Supply

Following the provision of consultancy services to complete a failure report on a 155MVA Steam Generator Transformer at Pahlawan Power Sdn Bhd in Melaka, Malaysia (see News Story), TP Power Services used their contacts within the industry to source a used 90MVA Transformer on behalf of Powertek, the station owner, which was being held as a strategic spare in the UK.


In order that the Steam Generator Turbine could commence operation at a reduced load and power generation could continue, TP Power Services had to uprate the replacement transformer by increasing the efficiency of the transformer's cooling system; utilising the cooling fans off the redundant unit to uprate the 90MVA, OFAN transformer into an OFAF transformer capable of delivering around 117MVA. As well as uprating the cooling system, we had to design, re-engineer and fabricate components to ensure the interchangeability with the failed unit.


Despite severe weather conditions causing delays, the scope of works in the UK was completed in around 6 weeks ; supported by the use of a 500 tonne crane to lift the transformer and chartering the Antinov AN-124 to fly the main transformer tank to Malaysia to meet the client's schedule. With our Project Managers supporting the installation and commissioning from head office, our Senior Installation Supervisor and Site installation team gave direct support on site in Malaysia.



   Testing of the 90MVA transformer windings to ensure integrity and suitability for use
   Re-engineering calculations for uprating the transformer to OFAF
   Testing of existing HV, LV and Neutral bushings, control and protection instruments
   Removal and safe disposal of approximately 40,000 litres of mineral insulating oil
   Dismantle of the transformer into components for transport - including 2 cooler banks with 40 radiators and cooling pipework
   Fabrication of blanking plates to protect the integrity of the transformer during transport
   500 tonne crane to lift the main transformer tank onto the heavy transport vehicle
   Chartering of the Antinov AN-124 to air freight the replacement unit to kuala Lumpur
   Identifying suitable consignment details for transport of auxiliary components via air freight
   Packing, inspection and delivery of auxiliary components into crates for air freight to Malaysia
   Supply of Senior Engineers to oversee installation & commissioning in Malaysia
With a general summary of the overall project above; what follows  is just a small section of the re-engineering works completed to ensure that the replacement unit would perform effectively.
   Redesign and overhaul of Marshalling Kiosk for uprated control and protection units
   Re-engineering of HV line ends for the bushings for the uprated Amps
   Identification, design and sourcing of new CT's for the protection system
   Design and fabrication of framework and supports to mount 16 off cooling fans between 2 cooler banks
   Supply new WTI's and OTI's for increased protection
   Re-engineering of LV & HV turrets for the installation of new CT's
   Fabrication of replacement gaskets for all auxiliary components

The transformer was delivered, installed, commissioned and was subsequently energised successfully.



Posted by B.A on 6 January 2011


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