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Powertek, Malaysia - GT TransfomerFailure Analysis


Having completed consultancy works at Rijnmond Energie, Netherlands, on behalf of an international disaster management firm, TPPS's Technical Services Manager was consulted to complete a failure analysis report on a failed steam generator transformer at Pahlawan Power Sdn Bhd in Melaka, Malaysia.


The stresses caused by the fault had been such that the side walls had deformed and separated from the stiffening beams at the bottom of the tank, and the HV bushings of the 'B' and 'C' phases, and the surge arrestor bushing on the 'A' phase had been broken by the internal forces when the fault occurred. Accompanied by the Senior Test Engineer, TPPS's consultant travelled to the power station to complete the analysis of the 155MVA transformer shortly after the enquiry was received.


In order to diagnose the issue, TP Power Services completed a detailed physical study of the transformer windings and an in-depth analysis with the aid of testing and diagnostic reports, all of which combined, lead our consultants to the conclusion that an internal discharge had occurred between 2 of the windings, causing an arc with suitable force to deform the tank.   

In order to diagnose the cause of the transformer failure, TPPS had complete a variety of inspections, tests and analysis:
   Turns Ratio & Winding Resistance Test
   Voltage Ratio & Magnetising Current Test
   Insulation Resistance Test 
   Dissolved Gas Analysis of oil samples
   Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)
   On Load Tap Changer tap selector tests

TP Power Services Technical team actioned a full diagnostic report of the failure and identify the full scope of repair works, including the feasibility of sourcing a replacement transformer whilst the failed unit was to be repaired or replaced.





Following a technical analysis to investigate it's interchangeability, TP Power Services sourced, uprated and supplied a power transformer for temporary replacement of the unit so that the power station could continue generating. This can be seen in a separate new story.







Posted by B.A on 6 January 2011


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