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It is inevitable that major plant and equipment within HV substations such as Distribution & Power Transformers, Switchgear, Isolated Phase Busduct shall deteriorate throughout their lifecycles, especially when exposed to the elements. TP Power Services offer complete refurbishment solutions on-site such as external conditioning, refurbishment and repairs for all equipment within high voltage substations and specialist services such as the rewind and uprating of distribution and power transformers.

HV Substation Services
Our services include the repair and overhaul of all plant & equipment in HV substations and compounds such as isolated phase bus duct, all types of switchgear, disconnectors, earthing resistors and metallic structures.
Transformer Rewind
Rewinding a Power Transformer is generally 30% cheaper and 25% quicker compared to purchasing new, and we offer various labour & material options to reduce lead times on rewind packages up to 120MVA at 132kV.
Transformer Repair
We offer a full range of repair solutions from minor oil leaks to the replacement of major components including radiators, on-load tap changers and bushings to extend the useful life of distribution and power transformers.
Transformer Uprating
Uprating a distribution or power transformer is possible through design modifications to maximise the efficiency at which excess heat is dissipated from the core and windings and cooled to allow for increased load potential.


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Established in 2000 by a group of electrical engineers specialising in transformers and switchgear; we have grown to offer fully integrated substation services.....



TPPS have built relationships with our key clients and developed our systems to ensure that we continue to meet their performance expectations.....


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The company operates under an IMS based on the International Standards of Quality (ISO9001), Environmental (ISO14001) and Health & Safety (OHSAS18001).....


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