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Testing Solutions


Trained and competent engineers with years of experience will complete a variety of tests for analysis and diagnosis of asset integrity:

The testing of plant, equipment and systems and analysis of the results is a critical service that supports every solution within our portfolio; including preventative maintenance and repair, installation, commissioning and failure diagnosis and lifecycle analysis to confirm the integrity of plant for operation.


Engineers are trained and competent in a wide variety of test procedures using the latest digital and programmable test sets. We possess the knowledge and experience to review data and offer preliminary analysis on a real time basis on a wide variety of substation plant and equipment of all ages and types.


We ensure a full range of inspection, test and commissioning results are recorded under our ISO9001 QA system. These are reviewed by technical and design engineers with over 100 years experience to confirm system integrity and full reports offered to clients for record including recommendations



n        Primary Injection CT & Protection

n        Secondary Injection Protection Relays

n        AC Withstand Tests LV & HV Systems

n        DC Pressure Tests

n        Insulation Resistance Testing

n        Winding Resistance Testing

n        Continuity Resistance Testing

n        Contact Resistance Testing

n        CT Magnetisation Characteristics

n        CT Ratio & Knee-Point Testing

n        Impedance Voltage Testing

n        Polarity Testing

n        G59 Protection Testing (Wind Farms)

n        Ratio & Magnetisation Current Testing

n        Tan Delta (Doble) Testing

n        Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)

n        DGA Oil Test Dissolved Gas Analysis


















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