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Transformer Repair

Distribution and Power Transformers located in outdoor substations are at risk of corrosive degradation from the weather. Albeit common for oil leaks and corrosion to occur as a result, the risk of equipment failure increases rapidly if these are not remedied as part of a regular maintenance regime. TPPS Ltd offer a full range of integrated solutions from minor remedial works to complete transformer refurbishment and overhaul packages to extend their useful working life for up to 10 years on older equipment.


Our focus is delivering the most efficient solution to repair the transformer and returning to service as quickly as possible, completing any oil handling services and offering a variety of cleaning and painting options to restore protective coatings and avoid further corrosion, risk
to plant and unnecessary down time.The transformer  maybe repaired on site or in our factory. 



Specialist components are procured from industry leading suppliers and can have significant lead times, however TPPS Ltd holds many common items in stock for immediate supply or mechanical items can be fabricated quickly. All components supplied to the latest BS, EN & IEC standards with conformity and calibration documents.

n        MAIN TANK                                  corroded areas can be over-plated by welding or lid gaskets replace
n        CONSERVATORS                        can be repaired or reverse engineered and replaced like-for-like
n        CABLE BOXES                              are procured if standard sizes or fabricated for bespoke sizes
n        RADIATORS                                   can be repaired and sealed or replaced with new fin type to suit
n        COOLING FANS                          repair or replacement with new, or refurbishment options available
n        LEAK REPAIR                                Nebar gaskets or O rings of all sizes are supplied and replaced
n        TAP CHANGER                            off-load or on-load types repaired or replaced in whole or in part
n        ISOLATION VALVES                  replacement of small bore (DN25) or large bore (DN350) valves
n        BUSHINGS                                     all types and sizes of LV, HV and neutral bushings supplied and fitted
n        OTI & WTI                                     oil and winding temperature indicators procured, replaced and tested
n        EARTHING RESISTORS            Liquid or Air types can be repaired, overhauled or replaced as needed
n        WIRING KIOSKS                         IP seals, housings, wiring and terminals replaced or modified
n        BREATHERS                                   silica gel types of all sizes up to HB77 and Drycol units replaced
n        PIPEWORK                                    small or large bore cooling pipework fabricated and replaced
n        PRESSURE DEVICES                  all types can be re-sealed, repaired or replaced as needed
n        OIL GAUGES                                 prismatic or magnetic types can be repaired or replaced



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